A  Collection of Photographic Art by John G. Hackett

Created: October 26, 2016                            Revised: October 28, 2016

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Copyright © 2016 by John G. Hackett. All Rights Reserved.

The Whims of Symmetry Collection, from 1982 (originally Cibachrome prints):

Expressions of Nature, from 2014 to Present:

Tomorrow’s Dawn


One Ring To Rule Them All

Time Tunnel

Blossoms to the Clouds

Moon Through Blossoms

Wood Reflecting Upon Its Past

Tulip Leaf

Firewood & Snow

Pine Cones in a Dusting of Snow

Redbuds in the Rain

Tiny White Flowers

All Leaves Go To Heaven

Blossoms Before The Rain

The artwork below is available for purchase under Fine Art law (ie: for personal use). A signed 8x10 print on Epson paper and

with Espon inkjet ink (archival grade) starts at $100. Prints as large as 24" tall or more can be made. For more information send an email to: