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Religious reflections as to the nature and purpose of our universe, and thoughts about the sociological phenomenon and evolution of religion on earth. Gestationism may also be referred to as ‘Cosmological Darwinism’.

337     2019-0829: "Memories are essential to the sense of identity that emerges from the narrative of personal experience. This study is remarkable because it demonstrates that by manipulating specific circuits in the brain, memories can be separated from that narrative and formed in the complete absence of real experience. The work shows that brain circuits that normally respond to specific experiences can be artificially stimulated and linked together in an artificial memory. That memory can be elicited by the appropriate sensory cues in the real environment. The research provides some fundamental understanding of how memories are formed in the brain and is part of a burgeoning science of memory manipulation that includes the transfer, prosthetic enhancement and erasure of memory. These efforts could have a tremendous impact on a wide range of individuals, from those struggling with memory impairments to those enduring traumatic memories, and they also have broad social and ethical implications." From Scientific American: A Successful Artificial Memory Has Been Created. The growing science of memory manipulation raises social and ethical questions. By Robert Martone on August 27, 2019.

What? It raises ethical questions?? In another time and place, maybe, but not in the United States of today, where the only real ethics are: 'Win' and 'Don't get caught.' All you have to do is ignore and deny that anything ethically monstrous ever happened. Just remember the guiding principle in the movie Black Mass: "If no one sees you do it, it didn't really happen." Ethical dissonance resolved!

To continue: "...Memories have been partially transferred in rodents by using recordings of electrical activity of a trained animal’s memory center (the hippocampus) to stimulate similar patterns of nerve activity in a recipient animal. This process is similar to the new report described here, in that stimulating the electrical activity of specific neural circuits is used to elicit a memory. In the case of memory transfer, that pattern came from trained animals, whereas in the optogenetics study, the pattern of electrical activity associated with the memory was built de novo ['from scratch'] within brain of the mouse. This is the first report of a completely artificial memory, and it helps establish some fundamental understanding of how memories may be manipulated. Research into memory and efforts to manipulate it have progressed at a rapid pace. A “memory prosthetic” designed to enhance its formation and recall by electrical stimulation of the memory center in the human brain has been developed with support from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In contrast, memory erasure using what has been nicknamed the Eternal Sunshine drug (zeta inhibitory peptide, or ZIP)—after Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a Hollywood movie with a mnemonic theme—is being developed to treat recollections of chronic pain...

...Memory has been called “the scribe of the soul,” and it is the source of one’s personal history."

I would phrase it a bit differently: Childhood experience and memory is the foundation of the soul, adult memory is the reference library of the soul.

338     2019-0901  5:17AM: "I'm going to throw away the SQ5 and stick with SQ6 – I use the special cases too much." Male, 20s-30s, faint, casual conversation, no context. I have no idea what SQ5 and SQ6 might be, so I googled them. I had suspected they referred to software, but they appear to refer either to new professional audio mixing equipment or to a new digital camera with a small built-in printer. I had never heard of either before. It is noteworthy that the terms appear to refer to recent products, suggesting that the dremem was real time and not from an injected memory in 2000... unless there were long-ago products of the same name. However, the phrase, "...I use the special cases too much," doesn't seem clearly applicable to either product. The early morning hours were rich with more or less neutral dremems of faint-to-nominal intensity, this was just one that occurred during a period of very light sleep, so I awoke and wrote it down.

339     2019-0910: "You swore an oath this would never be used inside this country!" Male voice, 50s, angry. I've heard this same line a couple of times before, roughly three and six months ago.

340     2019-0919  1:40 AM: "This twin circuit is almost unheard of." This might refer to anything, but the HNT Protocol does use a dual dead-man switch to protect against accidental detonation.

341     2019-1003  5:50AM: As I was lightly sleeping I saw the image of a piece of white 8.5" x 11" paper. I couldn't detect any depth behind it so I don't know if it was a single sheet or several pages. There was no staple in the upper left corner nor did I notice any binding along the left edge. The only printing was in normal sized all-caps, centered about 3" down from the top:

                                                                                          UNITED STATES BOOK OF SECRETS


There was nothing else on the page, and "1194" means nothing to me. As this image slowly zoomed out (it started at about 4" x 6" so I could read it easily) there was a male voice, 40s-50s, which said softly, "...millions will die, millions more will...", and then I awoke sufficiently to halt the dremem and decided to write it down. It was the first time I have drememed anything like this (a universal trait for all dremems), but I assign it no particular significance – just another curiosity. Dremem stress level was zero. I slept in this morning, and is always the case when I sleep beyond 8 hours or so – and thus sleep fairly lightly – the dremems became an interesting menagerie of unrelated narrated short stories that morphed into one another.

342     2019-1003: When you hear someone say, 'I can't imagine such a thing,' reply: 'What we can't imagine fills the libraries of the universe... and most of those on Earth, too."

343     2019-1010  7:57 AM: "This is Shockwave technology?... You've set back our relationship [garbled] years." Male, 40s-50s. Note that 'shockwave' may either mean the physical phenomena of a shock wave, or a code name 'Shockwave' in the same sense as 'Treadstone' in the Bourne movies. There was no context.

344     2019-1012  7:20 AM: For a few minutes I was dreaming my own dreams -- peaceful, innocuous, and without narration. It was sufficiently novel that my mind was briefly perplexed in a sort of 'what was that?' reaction. Then the narrated dremems resumed. I awoke at about 8:05 AM. The curious cessation made me wonder if someone forgot to change an audio DVD, or accidentally pulled out a cord or cable, or had to reboot a TPW computer?

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